madmunki make games, components of games, content for games and port games from one platform to another.


  • Oculus Rift
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Platform Conversion ( Android, iOS, Windows, PS4, XB1, OSX, SteamOS & Linux)
  • Networking
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Art
madmunki were formed in early 2012 by Dave Dow & Mark Jagger, our first project was the creation of Spunland for PlayStation Home, which along with PSH promotional work for clients as varied as SCEE, David Guetta, Warner Bros and Disney took up the bulk of our time for the first two years, although we also managed to create and publish an iPhone game (Ant) with Kingsley Pratt.
Graham Rudd joined in 2014, broadening our skill set out to encompass porting games from one platform to another (SSZ & Topia), and with the recent addition of Allan Roberston we are now in the business of developing cloud based technologies too.
madmunki are always interested in forming partnerships with other developers and publishers and will be doing all they can to bring Spunland to new platforms in the future.